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Is My Water Heater Under Warranty?
November 30,2022

Is My Water Heater Under Warranty?

You rely on your water heater to provide you with hot water for showers, washing dishes, laundry, and other hot-water activities. However, water heaters are one of those essential home appliances that we often take for granted until something goes wrong. They are usually tucked out of sight in the basement, garage, crawlspace, or under the counter, and most people don’t give them a second thought until they stop working. Unfortunately, water heater repair and replacement can be expensive, especially if you have to pay out of pocket. Luckily, many water heater warranties will cover the costs associated with certain repairs and replacement parts.

Water Heater Warranties Simplified

A water heater warranty provides coverage against expensive repairs or replacement of any part of the unit that fails due to defects in materials or workmanship. When you purchase a new water heater, you’ll be required to register the warranty using the serial number within 30 days of purchase. The serial number can be found on the label of the water heater. The length and extent of water heater warranty coverage can vary by brand and model. Most water heater warranties provide coverage for labor, parts, and tank.

  • Labor warranty: The standard manufacturer’s labor warranty covers the time it takes a technician to diagnose your water heater’s problem and fix it, or remove a failing unit and install a new one. Labor warranty usually lasts for one year, but some manufacturers and dealers offer an extended labor warranty that may last for 2 or 3 years. Once the labor warranty expires, you’ll have to pay out of pocket for water heater repair or replacement.
  • Standard manufacturer’s parts: This warranty covers the costs of replacement parts and can last anywhere from 3 to 12 years.
  • Tank warranty: This warranty covers the costs of hot water heater tank repair or replacement and can last anywhere from 3 to 12 years.

Things Your Water Heater Warranty Does Not Include

  • Diagnostic charges
  • Hot water tank disposal fees
  • Installation of expansion tank
  • Water heater upgrades to bring the unit up to code
  • Improper installation or use
  • Water heater installation or repair performed by unauthorized dealers

It’s advisable to check your water heater warranty to determine the level and extent of coverage to avoid unpleasant surprises down the road. The owner’s manual and the label on the side of your water heater contain information about your unit’s warranty coverage. Alternatively, you can obtain this information from the manufacturer’s website.

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