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Benefits of High-Pressure Drain Cleaning
December 05,2022

Benefits of High-Pressure Drain Cleaning

High-pressure drain cleaning, also known as hydro jetting, is a process that uses high-pressure water (up to 4000 PSI) to blast the interior of pipes to break down and remove stubborn blockages, grease, build-up, and even tree roots from the pipes. This is an effective way to remove debris, mineral scale, food particles, debris, and other build-up that can cause clogged drain lines and wastewater backup.

In this article, we will discuss how high-pressure drain cleaning works and outline 7 benefits of high-pressure drain cleaning.

How High-Pressure Drain Cleaning Works

The hydro jetting system consists of a large water tank, a high-pressure hose with a special nozzle, and a pressure pump. Before the high-pressure drain cleaning process starts, a trusted plumber will conduct a video inspection to make sure your pipe is in good condition. This is because high-pressure water can damage weak pipes. After the inspection, they will insert the hose and nozzle into the pipe and then spray highly pressurized water into the pipes to clear stubborn blockages.

Below are the benefits of high-pressure drain cleaning:

Thoroughly Cleans Drain Lines

High-pressure drain cleaning is one of the most effective ways to clear stubborn blockages from drain lines. The hydro jetting system produces a powerful stream of 4,000 to 60,000 PSI. With that level of pressure, there isn’t any blockage that the high-pressure can’t remove.

Long Lasting Results

Unlike chemical drain cleaners, which only work for a short time, high-pressure drain cleaning works more effectively for a longer period, meaning you’ll clean your pipes less often.


High-pressure drain cleaning is a cost-effective alternative to other drain cleaning methods when you consider the long-term benefits. Because it’s so effective, it will save you from future emergency plumbing service calls.


While high-pressure drain cleaning uses a lot of water, it doesn’t involve the use of harsh chemicals. This process will not impact nearby ecosystems in any way.


High-pressure drain cleaning is a versatile procedure that can be used to clean a variety of drains. This procedure can take care of stubborn indoor clogs, main sewer line clogs, massive industrial clogs, and even get rid of tree roots from sewer lines. Moreover, plumbers can safely use this drain cleaning method on all types of pipes, including PVC pipes, cast iron pipes, steel pipes, clay pipes, and more.


Unlike traditional drain cleaning methods, high-pressure drain cleaning is a non-invasive procedure as it doesn’t require digging a trench to access the pipes. Instead, a dependable plumber finds an ideal spot, inserts a hose attached to a nozzle, and then blasts high-pressure water through the pipe to remove blockages.

Prevents Future Clogs

High-pressure drain cleaning blasts water across the entire diameter of the pipe, eliminating grease, soap scum, mineral buildup, debris, residue, and tree roots from the drains and pipe walls. You can go for years without another clog forming in your drain lines.

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