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Affordable Sewer Repair in Mount Laurel, NJ

Sewer lines are an integral part of every plumbing system. They ferry all kinds of wastewater away from your home and ensure your premises are safe. However, they are susceptible to damage, and ignoring preventive measures can lead to leaks and burst piping emergencies. Mr. Rooter Plumbing of South Jersey can help you detect minor signs of deterioration and recommend effective pipe repair solutions to enhance efficiency and function. Even though your system is running as expected, hiring a professional sewer repair service for routine inspections can prevent costly repairs and trenchless sewer line replacement. Here are common sewer issues to know you need pipe repair in Mount Laurel.

Corrosion of Pipes

Wastewater contains toxic substances which corrode your pipes, increasing the risk of burst piping or leaks along the pipe lining. This is common with metal pipes, as excessive corrosion increases wear and tear. If you frequently require pipe repair in Mount Laurel, chances are your sewer lines are corroded. We leverage industry-standard tools to assess, detect, diagnose, and address the problem by providing long-term solutions. If the damage is irreversible, we can recommend trenchless sewer line replacement to boost longevity.

Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement in Mount Laurel, NJ


Many people barely think about what goes down their drains and toilet. If you flush products labeled "flushable," it doesn’t mean your system is safe. We discovered wipes, diapers, and women’s hygiene products have this label from the manufacturer and cause most blockage issues in most homes. Look out for slow drains, backups, foul smells, and signs of blockage. While sewer line cleaning is an effective preventive measure, we can recommend trenchless sewer line replacement in Mount Laurel in severe cases.


Tree Root Intrusion

This problem can be prevented during the actual sewer line installation. Although tree roots spread across the yard, we can map out the premises to reduce the risk of root infiltration. Homeowners should consult a professional before planting trees in the yard. This goes a long way in maintaining an efficient and durable system. A small leak along the pipe lining can attract roots, creating an entry point and increasing the risk of costly repiping or sewer repair in Mount Laurel.

Pipe Shifting and Breakage

The primary cause of shifting pipes and breakages is improper sewer line installation. However, excess rainwater seeping underground or excessive weight can cause your line to change shape. If wastewater doesn’t drain properly, it can lead to burst piping and subsequent water damage. Depending on the severity of the damage, trenchless sewer line replacement in Mount Laurel is often needed to mitigate deterioration.

Sewage Smell in the House

As mentioned, foul smells emanating from your drains show you need professional sewer line cleaning and maintenance. If the problems keep on recurring, chances are there’s a leak releasing effluent into your premises. Our sewer contractors use state-of-the-art tools to identify the problem and provide quality sewer repair in Mount Laurel.

These are some common problems to know you need sewer repair and maintenance. Contact us at Mr. Rooter Plumbing of South Jersey and talk to our professional contractors about problems you are experiencing. We guarantee top-quality services, including repiping, pipe repair, and maintenance, at pocket friendly rates.


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I had quite an experience last week on Wednesday when it started raining heavily from basement bathroom ceiling in the middle of the night. Apparently the water was from washing machine that ran at a time. My plumber diagnosed sewer line blockage but couldn't help…


Anna Veksler

Voorhees Township, NJ

We had a pipe burst behind an extremely thick concrete slab foundation wall, and had to call Mr. Rooter at 10:30 on a Friday night to come take a look at it. Alex shut off the water and told us he'd be there at 8:00…


Robert Press

Mount Laurel, NJ