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7 Common Causes of No Hot Water
June 30,2024

7 Common Causes of No Hot Water

A warm shower rejuvenates your body before work or after a long day and prepares you for what’s ahead. However, cold water from your faucet can show a problem that requires the expertise of a professional plumber. If you turn on the shower or hot water faucet only to find cold water, Mr. Rooter Plumbing can diagnose and address the problem before things worsen. Here are common causes of hot water problems so you can continue enjoying your home.

Gas Leaks

Some homes rely on gas-powered water heaters for their hot water needs. Like most utility lines, gas lines are susceptible to damage, resulting in leaks. Call a plumbing service if you notice an egg aroma in your indoor spaces. Shut off the gas valve to your home and avoid electrical appliances or anything that can cause a fire hazard. In addition, open doors and windows to disperse the gas before your plumber arrives.

Gas Valve Failure

Nothing is more frustrating than finding cold water from your faucets. Check high-risk areas for leaks, like the supply tube and gas inlet valve. If you can’t detect the damage, assess the pilot light before purchasing a new unit. Contact a professional plumbing service provider to pinpoint the cause and recommend effective solutions to restore comfort.

The Pilot Light Is Out

As mentioned, the pilot light is vital for older gas water heaters. If you have a gas unit and the pilot light goes out, you may not access hot water for various activities. Before scheduling professional water heater repair services, look for spark igniters or glow plugs for modern units. Refer to the manufacturer’s manual for helpful information, or onboard a plumbing repair service company to handle inspections and maintenance.

Thermostat Malfunction

The thermostat setting on your water heater must be set correctly to align with your household’s hot water needs. Since homeowners may lower the temperature to conserve energy, this could cause the lack of hot water from your faucets. Check the reading and adjust it accordingly. If the problem persists, hire a plumbing repair service to diagnose and fix the problem.

Sediment Buildup

Water contains impurities that can build up in the tank over time, obstructing the heating components. While sediments in the water may not raise concerns initially, delaying maintenance practices like flushing can cause damage and premature replacements. Always look at the water quality from your unit to ensure sediments don’t accumulate.

Malfunctioning Electric Water Heater

Electric water heaters are the most popular and reliable devices in the plumbing space. However, they are susceptible to damage, causing cold water to flow from your system. If so, examine the various connections and reset any tripped breakers. Despite these measures, cold water from your faucets may prompt a professional approach to address underlying issues.

Undersized Water Heater

Lastly, an undersized water tank may not address your household’s hot water needs, causing shortages. Recurring problems with hot water can be frustrating, so you should consult a water heater repair expert to inspect the tank size and recommend a suitable one for your needs.

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