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4 Money Saving Plumbing Tips
January 23,2023

4 Money Saving Plumbing Tips

Plumbing problems can not only cause significant damage to your property, but they can also put a big dent in your pocket. Luckily, taking preventive measures and keeping your plumbing in good condition can help you save money. Check out these money-saving plumbing tips.

Keep an Eye What Goes Down Your Drains

One of the most common plumbing problems that homeowners experience is clogged drains. This problem is commonly caused by flushing the wrong items down the drains. To lower the chances of experiencing clogged drains, avoid putting anything down your drains that can cause clogs. Some of the things you should never put down the drain include:

  • Cooking oil, grease, and fat
  • Eggshells
  • Medication
  • Food waste
  • Butter and margarine
  • Coffee grounds
  • Pasta
  • Rice
  • Flour
  • Produce stickers
  • Condoms

Perform Routine Drain Cleaning

The majority of homeowners don’t pay attention to their drains until they become blocked or stop working effectively. To keep your drains flowing freely and prevent problems such as backups, foul odors, and slow drains, ensure you clean your drains frequently. When you neglect your drains, they’ll become clogged, and you’ll spend much more money down the road on drain line repair. Regular drain cleaning improves drainage, prevents damage to your home, keeps your pipes healthy, and saves you money over time. If you’ve noticed telltale signs of clogged drains, reach out to Mr. Rooter Plumbing for professional drain cleaning.

Learn How to Identify Leaks

Water leaks can waste a lot of water and cause significant damage to your home if left unaddressed. Make sure you watch out for telltale signs of water leaks around your house. An unusually high water bill, damp spots on your walls, and overgrowth in your lawn are the biggest indicators of water leaks. However, not all leaks are easily noticeable to the naked eye. Some water leaks are hidden and require some investigating. One of the most effective ways to tell if you have a hidden leak in your home is to turn off all the water in your home and check to see if it’s still moving. If the meter is still running, call an experienced plumber to locate and fix the leak before it causes more damage.

Perform Regular Plumbing Maintenance

Another great way to save money is to take preventive measures. Be sure to inspect your pipes regularly, check water pressure, insulate water pipes in unheated areas within your house, and flush your water heater as needed. If you notice a problem, call a nearby plumber to fix it as soon as possible. If you ignore plumbing problems, they can easily turn into bigger and more expensive issues.

Other tips that can help you save money on plumbing include:

  • Install low-flow toilets
  • Upgrade shower heads and install high-efficiency fixtures
  • Follow garbage disposal guidelines
  • Turn taps off all the way
  • Have the plumbing done right the first time

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